Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I still remember my beloved headmaster during many of the morning assemblies saying to us (most atimes in Hausa) that "MY CHILDREN, YOU ARE THE FUTURE LEADERS, SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL EQUIPPED FOR THE FUTURE CHALLENGES. WE WILL, AS YOUR TEACHERS AND PARENTS,  TRY OUR BEST TO SHAPE THAT FUTURE FOR YOU".

Those encouraging words have always had an effect on me and, I believe, in most of my primary school contemporaries. The time when those words were spoken the standard of living in Nigeria was better than what we have today.

We are now in "that future" the headmaster talked about and, perhaps, we are somewhat leaders in one way or the other. I will continue to praise The Almighty Allah (SWT) for all His blessings on me and all those who had it relatively easy to be what they are at present. May HE (SWT) also continue to bless and guide all the past and present "shapers" of the future of humanity in a positive way. Ameen.

One thing we that had it apparently "easier" should always remember is that the future of TODAY'S children (and YOUTHS) is apparently at risk especially when we sit back and ask ourselves the following questions that I read in a book titled "GROOMING A MUSLIM CHILD" published by Al-Amin Foundation, Kaduna, Nigeria in 2006.

1. How can a child (youth) obtain QUALITATIVE EDUCATION when the society does not see education as an industry that is worth investing in?

2. How can the child (youth) learn when he/she has virtually no TEACHERS to teach him/her, and where he/she has a teacher, the necessary teaching materials and operations are not adequate and sufficiently provided for, and where such things are provided for, the the teacher is not (properly) paid and cared for?

3. How can we have good results when the society does not (as a matter of necessity) reward good work and excellence?

4. How can the child (youth) get the correct exposure when all that he/she finds on our street is fighting, destruction of lives and property, looting (of public treasury), daylight (and night) robbery for reasons he/she is not aware of?

(N.B. words in parenthesis were mine for emphasis).

I add the following questions to the above ones:

5. How can the child (youth) be a future leader when the society he/she lives doesn't care to provide the necessary preventive and curative health measures to shape his/her future?

6. How can the child (youth) be a better and responsible part of humanity in the future when what he/she sees around are bunch of irresponsible "elders"?

7. How can the child (youth) see his/her future as bright when the "grown-ups" constantly take every advantage and opportunity to darken his/her future?

These and many of similar questions need our individual and collective answers because by the time these children (youths) reach their future we will all be aged or death...a time when we will need them to reciprocate to us what we did to them while they were children (youths)...good or bad things we've done to them.

These are questions we may shy away from today, but we will somehow regret shying away from in the future...us or the progenies we leave behind.

You may be in your well secured mansions enjoying yourselves with your family while the multitudes of the children (and youths) whose parents you "presently" lead are suffering because of your many neglects as a leader. But recall all those past leaders who have embezzled the future of their country.

Leaders we may be at present... all of us. The ONE above us sees all we do and someday we will be answerable to all our commissions and omissions.

We are all in this together and together we should correct the ills where and whenever we can.

Remain blessed.

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