Friday, September 21, 2012


Life can be so interesting if you commit all your affairs to The Almighty God, The Ultimate Disposer of all affairs. I have realize, severally, not because my faith taught me to be patient, persevering and above all prayerful in every situation, but because patience, perseverance, and prayers are in themselves soul soothing actions.

One often encounters hardships and problems along the path to success because he/she is being prepared by The Almighty to face a "challenging" success in the near or far future. I refer us to The Holy Qur'an 94: 1-8 for the evidence that after every hardship there is always a solace that envelopes the one that has been in hardship.

The Gregorian year 2011 (Hijira 1431/32) was a trying year for me in most aspects of my existence as a man. I need not mention those trials and tribulations because I have decided to take the "hakuna matata" approach and moreso 2011 belongs to the past; although the past can be so hurting and most often it heals by fibrosis to remind you of its foregone presence in your temporal life.

Alhamdulillah, the Gregorian year 2012 (Hijira 1433) has been a "soothing solace" for me. And every time I sit back to reflect on the successes and achievements God Almighty rained on my life in recent times, I truly realize that life is interesting, and much more interesting when it is accompanied by patience and perseverance that the helping Hands of The Almighty are always there to lift the one who prays.

This may sound like a "sermon" but I just want to pass a message to all those out there who wallow in depression because of underlying temporal trials and tribulations - man made or otherwise. The passing times may be apparently trying but believe you me, it's going to end, and most often as quick as you less thought of it. And I assure you that it's going to come with success at the end, especially when you remain patient and prayerful.

This is a piece of my mind written at MM2 Lagos while I awaited my "unscheduled" flight to Maiduguri. I hope it convince you to change your mindset about temporal trials and tribulations.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Every time I tune on to watch or listen to the news, either on cable, radio or internet, what I see and hear is more of war (within or without), "terrorist" attacks, economic melt-down, ethnic cleansing, you name it. Little does one see or hear of good news from the world around. The most hurting aspect is that most of  these things are caused by man in the quest for "profitting" from others suffering.

Ones immediate environment is shrouded in corruption and bad governance which in turn have led to insecurity, poverty, illiteracy and disease. Every day comes with its ramifications of stress-anxiety effects. You feel as if all these trials and tribulations wouldn't cease.

Majority of the leadership we see around don't help the situation. Worst and disheartening to know that most of these troubles and problems are deeply rooted and connected to bad leadership.

Overwhelming as all these may be...

But just close your eyes, remind yourself that The Almighty God is watching. Your efforts, your deeds, your patience will never go wasted. Remind yourself that it’s all being written down for a later reference. Open your eyes and keep going. Look past the struggles, look past the pain. Remind yourself of how good it would feel to have it all one day come back to you to elevate you in your status. Don’t let go. Don’t give up.

Assist others with the little you have. Feel the pains and sufferings that others have. Pray for them as that may be the source of their relief from pains and suffering.

Don't just walk away. Speak to them a nice and comforting word. Perhaps, someday it will echoe in eternity that you did use God's given gift of speech to help your fellow humans when you had nothing to offer but your comforting words.

Leadership is a trust from GOD and you will be questioned on how you honour or dishonour this trust.


N.B. I thank Sheikh MB Lawan Adamawa for the Facebook post (italized part of the above) that prompted me to write this piece on my blog.